Dr. Michael Hirt - Business Development for Professional Service Firms

Intelligent revenue growth through strong results in Client acquisition is the key leverage point for professional service firms, such as law firms, investment banks, accountants, tax advisors, private banks, management consultants, designers and engineering firms, to grow profitably in a fast and focused way. 


It is critical to recognize that 5-10 well-managed key business meetings per year can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellent results, between languishing and exceptional growth.


If you and your team have excellent marketing and sales skills, you will have more inquiries and project opportunities than you can handle, and that will bring you not only the potential to increase your fees, but also to pick and choose the Clients and projects for which you really have high interest and enthusiasm. 


If you and your team are good at business development, then you can create the consulting practice of your dreams. 


Fortunately, there are proven and learnable strategies, best practices, tactics, methods, and scripts for doing so, that Dr. Hirt is happy to share with you and your team.