Books by Dr. Michael Hirt

Here you will find management books by Dr. Michael Hirt,
which are particularly helpful for the management of professional service firms

Instructions for the Management Revolution

In his provocative new book, "Instructions for the Management Revolution," Dr. Michael Hirt describes the methods and principles of high performance organizations and how to put them into practice. The goal here is not simply more productive work environments, but companies that inspire people to engage with enthusiasm and their full creative potential. Companies that support joie de vivre and vitality while creating products and services that are useful and inspiring to people. Companies that use all their resources to help us as a society successfully master the 21st century.

Hirt on Management

In "Hirt on Management", Dr. Michael Hirt, answers questions from managers about challenging situations and critical management decisions. His answers cover the full range of management challenges, from strategy to implementation, from people management to self-leadership, from management myths and debunking charlatanism, to transformation and digitization.

The CEO Handbook

This book replaces reading an entire library for you: it presents the essence of a wide range of relevant top management literature, focuses on the most important insights, and gets to the heart of them. Thus, The CEO Handbook is exactly in line with its target audience, whose time is a very precious commodity.

The Most Important Strategy Tools for Managers

Strategy development - every manager knows that it is necessary, but the path to results seems laborious, time-consuming and expensive. Faced with the challenges of day-to-day business, strategy development is usually postponed until never-never. In this book, you'll get quick and clear access to practice-proven and theoretically sound strategy tools that will help you lay the foundation for your company's success.

Self Leadership - The Management Revolution for the Manager

Companies need people with excellent self-leadership skills to succeed in the 21st century. The book "Self Leadership - The Managemen Revolution for the Manager"  describes the demands of the 21st century on successful managers and shows the most important action points for personal peak performance.

Competitive Advantage Diversity

A study of best practices of leaders in diversity management with comprehensive recommendations for companies willing to leverage the full potential of diversity management in their organizations.

Great Consultants Made in Austria

The management consulting profession has been fundamentally shaped by a number of thinkers, which originated from the region formerly known as Austria-Hungary. By analyzing the work and contribution of these thinkers, it is possible to gain a fundamental and rounded understanding of key theoretical consulting approaches and their practical application to management.

The Little Black Book - Leadership Competences for Practitioners

A practical handbook of 44 skills and methods that every manager should master, from "selecting employees" to "listening."