What Dr. Hirt´s Clients Say About Him

Dr. Hirt keeps his client relationships and projects confidential.
Below are excerpts from references that Dr. Hirt can publish in agreement with his Clients. 
Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with additional first-class, personal references and letters of reference from Dr. Hirt's Clients.

Top-Tier Law Firm

"Dr. Michael Hirt worked with us to take our Business Development to the next level and did so in a manner that exceeded our already high expectations. He is a true expert in the difficult area of professional service firm management and is able to provide clear and impactful inputs on the science and art of successfully managing a law firm.


Specifically, he interacted as a peer and flawlessly with our partners and handled sensitive issues professionally and effectively. His recommendations are always practical, down-to-earth and readily implementable, and he was more responsive than any other consultant in our memory.


We can endorse his work and ethics without reservation and would be happy to discuss details or answer any questions about his work for us."

Managing Partner of a Top-Tier Law Firm

Leading University

"Dr. Michael Hirt understands the challenges of managers at the top of large, complex organizations and provides credible, challenging and useful advice and coaching.


He is a true expert at helping leaders get better. I can recommend him without reservation as an excellent consultant and coach, especially for senior and board level executives."

Rector of a University in a leading position in the Shanghai Global Ranking

Leading mid-sized Investment bank

"We have worked with Dr. Michael Hirt to massively increase our business development productivity and results. His strategies and approaches for rapid growth are pragmatic and highly effective. We are delighted with his work and I can recommend him without reservation."

CEO of a leading mid-sized investment bank

Leading High-End Webdesigner

"Dr. Michael Hirt is a true expert on marketing and sales for complex products and services. With his help, we dramatically increased the strategic focus, productivity and results of our marketing and sales team for high-end custom web development solutions for large privately-held businesses and blue chip companies.


Hirt brought us concise, practical, real-world strategies to focus our marketing, win the client and get the contract. He showed us how to land the big business faster and made a major contribution to our ambitious growth strategy.


It was a pleasure to work with him and the feedback from our international marketing & sales team was excellent. His flexibility, business-acumen and fast-forward working style make him the most effective consultant I have encountered in my entire career and I can recommend him without reservation."

Managing Partner of a High-End Webdesigner

Leading mid-size management consultancy

"The Mastermind-Group with Dr. Michael Hirt was a unique personal and business development opportunity form me. 


I have benefited tremendously from both, the feedback and inputs of my fellow participants, all seasoned entrepreneurs like me, and the feedbacks and inputs from Michael Hirt, who was a brilliant moderator of the Mastermind-Group.


It is the knowledge & experience combined with clarity & appreciation that really create high impact and make the Mastermind-Group one of the best investments I have made in my entire professional life.


I can recommend the Mastermind-Group and Dr. Hirt without reservation."

Managing Director, leading mid-sized management consultancy

Leading global technology service provider

"This is to confirm that Dr. Michael Hirt worked with us to substantially improve the effectiveness and quality of our global project delivery, by helping to design and successfully implement a wide-ranging organizational change and the creation of a new unit that brings together all critical resources for successful global project execution and delivery. 

Specifically, his work was fast, to the point and highly effective, whilst at the same time bringing the right attention and focus on critical change management and people issues. He interacted as a peer and flawlessly with our most senior management, and was more responsive and effective than any other consultant in our memory. 

I can recommend him and his work without reservation."

Executive Vice President of a leading global technology and engineering service provider

Globally active engineering company

"Dr. Hirt has guided the development of our business leaders for several years with excellent results. Hirt has excellent expertise in all key areas of leadership and development of professional service firms and their executives, and has mastered a highly effective range of interventions and support measures that have ensured successful implementation with individuals and at our various locations."

Founder & Managing Partner, global engineering firm

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